Pertinence de la guerre

Leçon 23: la guerre de 1812

Dans cette leçon, les élèves tenteront de placer en contexte la guerre de 1812 en examinant d’autres événements ayant une pertinence historique dans l’histoire du Canada.

Causes of the War

Lesson 24: War of 1812

Students work toward understanding the nature of the causes of the War of 1812.

Causes de la guerre

Leçon 24: la guerre de 1812

Les élèves tenteront de comprendre la nature des causes de la guerre de 1812.

A Just War?

Lesson 25: War of 1812

Students attempt to determine whether America was morally justified in declaring war and invading British North America during the War of 1812.

Une guerre juste?

Leçon 25: la guerre de 1812

Les élèves tenteront de déterminer si les États-Unis d’Amérique avaient une justification morale de déclarer la guerre et d’envahir l’Amérique du Nord britannique pendant la guerre de 1812.

A Human Rights Timeline

Students will use the Human Rights Commission website to research key court cases and laws that have shaped human rights in Canada from 1900 - 2000. They will select cases involving human rights violations and plot them along a timeline. Students will then compare their timeline with a timeline of human rights legislation, both global and federal, that spans the last half of the century. They will use these visual representations to better understand the interactions of change over time, and cause and consequence.

A Visual Stroll Through Small-Town Canada

Students will imagine that they are the local historians in the Town of Hampton and that they have been asked to write a chapter for a new book titled: A Visual History of Small Town Canada. The publishers have asked them to concentrate on the differences between life in the past and the present.

Aboriginal Rights and Title in British Columbia

This lesson uses background narratives from the Union of British Columbia Indian Chief's website, "Our Homes Are Bleeding" and primary sources drawn from the website to explore continuity and change through the 20th century in both aboriginal and non-aboriginal perspectives on issues of aboriginal rights and land title.

Canada's Reaction to the Outbreak of War: 1914 and 2001

Why were Canadians so willing to fight in 1914 in a foreign war that had so little to do with Canada's self-interest? Why in 2001 with Afghanistan War and 2003 with Iraq was there so much opposition to Canadian participation? This lesson uses primary documents, both visual and text based, to explore Canada's reaction to the outbreak of war in 1914 in contrast to 2001 and 2003.

Caption Me

Students will look at different visual texts of fur clothing from the 18th century fur trade era to present day and write captions for each image.