Whose Land Is This?

Lesson 16: War of 1812

Students explore the pressure placed on First Nations territory between 1763 and 1814, and the consequences of this pressure.

À qui appartiennent ces terres?

Leçon 16: la guerre de 1812

Les élèves explorent la pression constante exercée sur le territoire des Premières Nations entre 1763 et 1814 ainsi que les conséquences découlant de cette pression sur la population et la culture amérindiennes.

What Should We Remember?

Lesson 17: War of 1812

Students determine what is historically significant to remember about the War of 1812.

Questioning the Causes of the War of 1812

Lesson 18: War of 1812

Students compare President Madison’s War Message to Congress and the voting patterns of the members of Congress to raise some questions about the causes of the War of 1812.

Significance of the Battle of Detroit

Lesson 19: War of 1812

Students consider the circumstances that led to the Battle of Detroit and its dramatic outcome using group role-playing strategies.

Consequences for Tecumseh

Lesson 20: War of 1812

Students explore the consequences of the War of 1812 for Tecumseh and the Confederacy of First Nations through selected primary and secondary documents.

Conséquences pour Tecumseh

Leçon 20: la guerre de 1812

Demandez aux élèves d’explorer les conséquences de la guerre de 1812 pour Tecumseh et la Confédération des Premières nations par l’intermédiaire de documents primaires et secondaires choisis.

Heroes of the War

Lesson 21: War of 1812

Students explore the concept of ”heroism,” determining which of four heroes of the War of 1812 are most deserving of a monument.


Lesson 22: War of 1812

Students explore the morality of privateering in the War of 1812 as well as the differences between pirates and privateers.

Significance of the War of 1812

Lesson 23: War of 1812

Students attempt to place the War of 1812 into context by reviewing other events of historical significance in Canadian history.