The Evolution of Perception: Attitudes Regarding French Language and Culture Within Canada as Turning Points

Robert Chapman
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Has Quebec and French language identity changed within Canada in comparison to the last fifty years? Students will analyze the recent (Nov. 27/2006) controversial motion passed (266-16) in The House of Commons "recognizing Québécois as a nation within Canada" and Stephen Harper's statement to the CBC the evening after the vote that "I think tonight was an historic night...Canadians across the country said 'yes' to Quebec, 'yes' to Quebecers, and Quebecers said 'yes' to Canada." Students will analyze the motion and the Prime Minister's statement and research the perceptions of Canadians in terms of Quebec's identity and French language within the Canadian context and determine whether or not the status quo has been maintained with respect to the issue (continuity) or whether or not there has been a historic change in terms of Quebec and French culture within Canada.

1900 à aujourd’hui
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